Chirstmas Stitching

Needledeeva Nativity figure & stitch guide

This is a new canvas from Needledeeva ( which is part of a stitch guide I’ve written. The canvases are being stitched as models for next month’s TNNA market. They aren’t quite done (hair and borders still left to do), but I think she is so adorable. I love all the great effects in Mary’s [...]

Coin Purse

This little pattern is a needlepoint damask pattern. I’ve been using these patterns, which feature contrasting textures of thread, for over 20 years. They generally use a shiny thread, pearl cotton in this case, and a matte thread, crewel wool here, and get their beauty from the change in texture. Often the patterns are made [...]

Conjoined Creations Soy Silk – Thread Review

These 100% soy threads are delightful to use. They come in 228 colors. I particularly love the way they have grouped the threads into families. Each of the 57 families has four shades, ranging from dark to pale. The members of the family all have the same number with a letter designation to show the [...]

Stitches CD – review

Ruth Schmuff Stitch dictionaries are tons of fun, they give us lots of ideas for stitches, but often they have one drawback, they’re just too big to carry with your project. I’ve long been jealous of my knitting friends who can just take along a card with their scarf project on it. Ruth Schmuff has [...]

New Needlework Directory

I’m happy to announce that I’ve been named the needlework editor at ( – to find my topic). I’m so excited about this opportunity because it is a great and growing resource for links. My plan is to grow the link list rapidly, I’m seeking out about ten links each week and adding them. [...]