What technique have you always wanted to learn?

I have always wanted to learn Japanese embroidery. It’s so beautiful and I love the colors so much. However, I’m almost certainly doomed to failure in this for many reasons: 1. I have dry skin and always have rough cuticles — bad on silk 2. I am terrified of sharp needles — I even sew [...]

Copyright and Stitching a Building

Yesterday someone asked on a mailing list I’m on about what needed to be considered when you wanted to cross stitch or needlepoint a building. Since that is really fun to do and since you might want to move beyond stitching your own home, I thought I would share with you some of what I’ve [...]

Cat’s Cradle Cabin – finished

I just finished this cabin from Cat’s Cradle and I just love it. In fact it’s probably going up on the wall by my desk. It features lots of fun techniques, including needlepoint damask for the night sky. This one mixes textured stitches with Basketweave in two different navy blue threads to make a complex, [...]

Silk & Metal Purse – Sneak Peek

It’s just a little section of a bigger needlepoint piece, but I wanted to share with you this lively purse from Whimsy & grace. I’m doing a stitch guide for this hand-painted canvas and it is so elegant. I’m mostly using silks and metallic threads with a bit of pearl cotton. I love needlepoint evening [...]

Needlepoint 202 – book review

Ruth Dilts with Joan Lohr, Rainbow Gallery, 2007. In Needlepoint 101, Ruth took us through the process of stitching a canvas with tips, stitch, and several stitch guides. But we wanted more. Ruth has delivered everything we wanted and even more in this second volume. Here the emphasis is on embellishment of the painted canvas [...]