Mimbres Luggage Tags

Mimbres Luggage Tag

I love the clean designs of the ancient petroglyphs of the Mimbres of the American Southwest. These designs have inspired many artists. One of my favorites is the “Mimbres” dinnerware which was used on the Santa Fe Railroad in the mid-20th Century. (Take a look for it on eBay to see how popular it remains.) [...]

Melissa Shirley Birds

Peppermint Twist Bird from Melissa Shirley

I couldn’t wait for it to be finished as ornaments in order to give you a sneak peek at one of the charming Peppermint Twist birds from Melissa Shirley Designs. They are the latest stitch guide from me and Holly McGuinness of Golden Touch Crafts (http://www.goldentouchcrafts.com). The guide covers all six birds in the set [...]