Ready for School

Picture IT! I'm the teacher needlepoint - completed

Yes indeed, we’re ready to hit the books tonight because I’m the Teacher got finished this morning. I just love the idea behind this piece. All you need to finish it off is a picture of the teacher’s face. You can personalize it as well. Maybe change the color of the hair, or of the [...]

Stitching Aids for Disabled Stitchers

Earlier this week on one of my discussion groups, someone asked about what kinds of aids there were for stitchers who had suffered a stroke and thereby lost use of one hand. This is a subject close to my heart, because my initial MS attack was misdiagnosed as a stroke for over five years (until [...]

I’m the Teacher Stitch Guide

Picture IT! I'm the teacher needlepoint

My current project and stitch guide is this picture frame from Sandy Grossman-Morris. It’s part of her Picture It! series and will make and outstanding gift. Finish it as a frame and add the face of your favorite teacher. Don’t you just love it! Pieces like this give you such a great opportunity to play [...]