FATC – Easy Methods to Make or Finish

You read about the FATC exchange yesterday and the idea intrigues you, BUT you do needlepoint and needlepoint can be “finishing unfriendly.” It is and it isn’t. Here are several ideas you can use to make your FATC while still doing needlepoint. 1. Use interlock canvas. Because of the construction of the canvas you can […]

Fiber Artist Trading Cards — Call for Participants!

You’ve read the great information about Fiber Artist Trading Cards (FATC) posted earlier this month. Now it’s your turn to participate. Since this is a new thing, we’ll only have four exchanges this year, one each quarter. For each exchange there will be a theme, picked by one of the participants or a designer. You […]

Great New Needlepoint at TNNA January 2008

Nuts about Needlepoint Volume 11, Issue 1 January 2008 – ISSN: 1520-9369 I’m back and pretty much caught up, so I’m sending along the roundup of the show. There are plenty of new designs, some exciting new threads, and some welcome trends in needlepoint. I’m sure you’ll find plenty to delight you in the next […]

TNNA Preview – CBK Needlepoint Collections

CBK Needlepoint Collections has designs frm several designers, including Edie & Ginger, and Bettie Ray. For the TNNA show, and licenses and adapts for needlepoint several others, like Amy Coe and Janis J Maddox. They have added two new designers this year: They write: “We are adding three new artists this year. One has been […]