Chaos & the Need for Needlepoint

At the moment I am living in what is complete chaos. We’re getting ready to put our house on the market and so we are fixing things up. There is not one room in my entire house, except the powder room and the upstairs bath which isn’t a disaster. All three of my kids are […]

Giveaway Update — Cross Stitch Still Available

The needlepoint charts are all gone, but the cross stitch charts are available. Please email me at napaneedlepoint @ (remove the spaces) with your name and postal address to get them. I’ll take the first four I get. US addresses only.

Stitch in Public Day — Coming in September!

Do you stitch in public? Do you want to show off your lovely needlework & get others interested in stitching? On September 3, you will have a perfect opportunity to do so, with National Stitch in Public Day. This event commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the found of EGA. There will be lots of public […]

Mastisse Cut-out Widget

While Matisse is not my favorite artist, I do love his cut-outs and think those bold shapes and colors look glorious translated into needlepoint. But what if I want it to look a little different? On my own it would be hard to combine elements from two or more cut-outs into a single piece, but […]