Stitch in Public Day – Louisville, KY

The National Seminar of EGA is hosting some events in conjunction wit Stitch in Public Day. Where:Jefferson Square, a few blocks from the seminar and hotel in Louisville When: 11:30AM – 1:30PM Who: EGA National & Louisville Chapter, EGA The time corresponds with the lunch break between classes. There will be easels telling folks about […]

Stitch in Public Day

The first Stitch in Public Day is in just about a week. In addition to the events I’ve already listed (click on the category “Stitch in Public Day” to find them all, the following EGA chapters have events planned. Keystone – Newcastle PA White Pine – Saginaw MI Threaded Artists – Bozeman MT Gentle Pursuits […]

Stitch in Public Day – New Castle, PA

Where: Riverview Park in New Castle, PA When: 1:00 to 3:00 p.m Sponsor: Keystone Chapter, EGA Participants should bring their own chair or cushion to sit on the rocks in the park area. In case of rain, we will be at the New Castle Public Library. Chairs and tables will be provided in the library,

Labeling your Needlepoint

From Namemaker, a sample of some of their labels.

You probably know that you really should label your needlework. I’ve been stitching for close to 40 years and I’ve known that all along and have rarely done it. I also don’t keep many records of what I’ve stitched. I resolve to do so and then it last about a week or two. I don’t […]