Skies in Needlepoint

needlepoint cabin in mountains from Cat's Cradle, stitch guide by Janet Perry

If you thought about it, you’d be surprised how often skies appear in needlepoint. And, at least to me, they are always challenging to stitch. I’ve tried several different approaches. 1. Using a patterned stitch. I like Nobuko for this and have used it for skies in many pieces, including the SF Heart. I also […]

Stitching with Delicate Threads

Checks make a nice border

The alternate name for this post could be “What I Learned NOT to Do.” This is a vintage In Good Company stocking which is my current Sunday Stitching project. I started stitching it in the usual way, focal points first, then background. I’m using Silk Lame and Panache for the pink and blue. I started […]