Happy Hearts – February Twinchy Challenge – Part 1

heart twinchy needlepoint bellpull, designed and stitched by needlepoint expert janet m perry

This was a real challenge to me, trying to make hearts which had bright contemporary colors and still use threads in my stash. But didn’t my bellpull turn out great? I used a taupe metallic (72) from Kreinik for the grid and all analogous color schemes, mostly keeping the colors medium to light and all […]

Long-Armed Cross

long-armed cross stitch for needlepoint

Rittenhouse Needlepoint, a new shop in Philadephia, put up a great post about this often neglected stitch. In my stitching, I tend to use this stitch in it’s smaller form and then pretty much only for borders. But I am intrigued by the idea of the larger version of the stitch and it ropey effect. […]

Who Knew?

Don’t you just love being on the cutting edge of societal evolution? And you just thought you loved needlepoint. But it’s suddenly become fashionable as this post on NY Fashion Week shows. And what’s cool about it is that this is a fashion blog, not a craft blog. Can’t think og a better way to […]

Coffee Break Time — a Needlework Puzzle for you!

Thanks to Denise at Craft Gossip for pointing out this delightful Needlework Puzzle. It’s from Needlework Tips & Techniques, a fantastic reference source for needlework information. A lovely thing to do to take a break from stitching.

One More Stitch

After I finished the previous post, I found a fourth new stitch on Barbara’s project, Framed Stem Stitch. Needlepoint Stem Stitch is a stitch I don’t use all that often, maybe because I find doing the row of Backstitch down the center a bit fiddly and I don’t much like it in large blocks. But […]