Patriotic Heart Needlepoint

Judy Harper has a great patriotic heart design on her FREEBIES, Etc. site today. Not only is the design completely charming, it has some great instruction, even if you don’t want to make the design. First is her method to make five-pointed stars. I think this shape is one of the hardest to do in […]

Make a Needlepoint Wallet with Bargello in an Afternoon!

bargello needlepoint swag pattern stitched

Wallets with covered openings in front (usually designed to hold a picture or your driver’s license) are popular these days. That opening in front can easily hold a small piece of needlepoint. I made this wallet, start to finish, yesterday afternoon. Literally you could buy a wallet this morning, use a scrap of canvas, and […]

Three Places to Find that Canvas

If you’re like me all too often the canvas that shrieks “Buy Me!” in the store, looks like a terrible mistake once you get home. On the other hand, you regret, sometimes for years, that canvas you didn’t buy. Your stash is bursting with lovely hand painted canvas needlepoint, but none of them are quite […]

March Giveaway & Needlepoint Resolution Winner

I want to thank all you loyal readers for following this blog and for putting up with my irregular posting these last few months. So I’m starting a monthly giveaway for people who post comments to the giveaway post. To enter the contest, just post a comment to this entry along with you name and […]