Needlepoint, Fancy Stitches, and “Too Much of a Good Thing Is . . .”

Yesterday on Marianne’s blog wrote about fancy stitches and the tendency for people to go for ever more difficult stitches in needlepoint. She writes “I fear *we* , as a needlepoint community are losing touch with the simple beauty of the threads, colors, designs etc, that needlepoint used to be all about, before it was […]

News & Notes – Orna Willis, Two Great Freebies

orna willis thread color experiment using caron collection threads

Orna Willis has added two new how-tos to her site. One is her new color experiment, using as it inspiration Bermuda Reef, pictured above. These kind of cool, analogous color schemes are just perfect for summer. My kids called them”swimming pool colors” when they were little and I think of them as a stitchy equivalent […]