Long & Short Stitch Sampler Update

The two most recent tutorials in Mary Corbet’s outstanding tutorial cover two kinds of items that often stump stitchers — flowers and leave which have turned tips. I probably get more questions about how to stitch flowers than any other type of item in needlepoint. And for myself, leaves with turned tips make me nuts, […]

The Pine Needle — My First LNS

Isn’t that name just too cute? It was my first needlepoint shop and I started going there in 1980. The shop was in Wexford, PA (Pine Township), right next to Wexford Antiques. Looking like a little 40’s cottage on the outside, it had 4 rooms and was, I think, the Wexford Post Office. The front […]

August Winner & Let’s Salute the Shops!

The winner of August’s contest is Melissa. Congratulations to her, she’ll be getting five skeins of thread. The theme for September’s contest will be “My Favorite Needlepoint Shop.” Needlepoint shops are often the unsung heroes of the stitching world. You visit them when you have run out of thread. I’m spending time in one near […]