Amazing Needlepointer – Raymond Dockstader

He died in earlier this year, but Raymond Dockstader was a phenominal needlepointer whose work graced many needlework exhibits at Woodlawn Plantation in the DC area. I became more aware of his work through a recent blog post. His specialty was 3 inch square Tent Stitched pieces that were stitched and either finished as “paperweights” […]

Needlepoint in the Fifties – A Look Back

Yesterday I had an occasion to look at the oldest needlepoint book I own, Needlepoint Made Easy, published in 1955. It gave me pause, because I was also looking at The Needlepoint Book, first published 21 years later. Since most of us started stitching after the needlepoint “revolution” of the early 70’s we probably don’t […]

Beginner Needlepoint Project Book Out this Weekend!

Attic Windows is a perfect beginner's project.

One of the harder things I’ve done in needlepoint is advance from doing Tent Stitch to feeling confident in making different stitches, using different threads, and trying new color combinations. That’s why I’ve designed this new series of projects for those people beginning needlepoint. But they are so fun to stitch, experienced stitchers will want […]