Needlepoint Resolutions as a Way to Conquer your Stash

Thinking about it, the only New Year’s resolutions I regularly keep are those related to needlepoint. While this doesn’t say much about my willpower, it does say that these kind of resolutions are wonderful ways to get your stash under some sort of control. In 2009, I resolved to get my thread stash under more […]

Clever & Useful Idea for Mastering Basketweave (or Trying Thread)

needlepoint squares coaster in easter and spring colors, designed by janet perry

I was reading The Ups & Downs of Needlepoint, which I got from New Needlepoint, a couple of days ago and she had a clever idea for learning Basketweave. I’ve taken this idea and modified it a bit to give you a charming and practical project you can adapt to your style. The idea is […]

Fast Needlepoint Bargello as a Present

Ponderosa Pines bargello needlepoint & longstitch pattern from Cheryl Fall

I know, I know, it’s less than two weeks until Christmas and you have: presents to buy, gifts to wrap, a tree to trim, and kids to pick up. BUT . . . You still need some presents. Cheryl Fall has posted a charming design on, Ponderosa Pines. Inspired by a grove near Spokane, […]