Make It Yourself?

Originally posted 2008-02-07 14:31:17. Republished by Blog Post PromoterMy daughter sent me a link to a needlepoint tote bag which was on sale at Gump’s. In terms of needlepoint that you or I would do, it’s pretty simple. In terms of price, it’s pretty good. It’s wool, with leather handles and is just under $200. [...]

Needlepoint 101 – book review

Originally posted 2005-03-17 22:40:46. Republished by Blog Post PromoterRuth Dilts, Rainbow Gallery, 2005. I’ve done needlepoint for almost 35 years and one thing I have always missed is a book which can be given to a beginning stitcher to help them with stitching their first few painted canvases. These days many folks who discover needlepoint [...]

Fendi & Needlepoint

Fendi needlepoint handbag kit

Earlier this week the fashion blog world was all abuzz about two bags from the Italian designer Fendi which featured needlepoint prominently. The DIY needlepoint kit, pictured here, is a clutch with needlepoint mesh on the flap and, I think, buckle strap. The kit comes with lots of thread It has two interchangable straps and [...]

Celebrating Babies with Needlepoint

personal or birthday plaid mini-sock

Two of our closest friends welcomed their first baby, a girl, into the world on Sunday morning. This got me thinking about needlepoint and how wonderful a little needlepoint “something” is for a baby gift. I thought I’d help fan the fires of inspiration with some great baby needlepoint. The design pictured here is from [...]

Of Learning Styles & Needlepoint

Did you know there are different kinds of learners. Some people learn best by hearing the instructions, some by reading them, and some by seeing a demonstration. I didn’t know this for years until I went to some kind of training class where it was the basis of the training. If you are a visual [...]