Texas Needlepointer Profiled

needlepoint nativity stitched by Diane Bosworth

Diane Bosworth, author of Beards I have Known, was recently profiled in the Cleborne, Texas Times-Review. Diane is a well-known stitcher, teacher and former needlepoint shop owner. She has stitched over 150 Petei Santas, which served as her inspiration for her book. The book looks at different ways to stitch beards. The short article gives […]

The Friendship Tapestry

Originally posted 2008-03-05 08:28:56. Republished by Blog Post PromoterIn Iceland a remarkable cooperative needlework project is happening. It’s called The Friendship Tapestry and it welcomes contributions from stitchers all over the world. In the 261 patches (so far) 23 countries are represented and you can find just about every needlework technique in one or more […]

Beaded Brick – A Different Sort of Needlepoint Beading

Beaded Pumpkin needlepoint using beaded brick stitch

Are you looking for a way to get staggered beads, but with a more full look than beading every other Tent Stitch? Try using Brick Stitch and beading each stitch. You can see this technique stitched on the pumpkin above, from a post on Needlepoint Study Hall. Beaded Brick is explained clearly and with large […]