Ornament or Stand-up?

Originally posted 2006-12-06 07:28:14. Republished by Blog Post PromoterRight now sitting on my desk are lots of Christmas ornaments. One of them, Petei’s Alice in Wonderland, could be a stand-up except for one thing – I can’t hide the hanger. But finisher Susan Thompson has developed a unique solution for this problem. Her small stand-ups […]

Pimp my Needlepoint – Stitcher’s Magnets

covered button magnets from Craft Leftovers

You may have heard of “Pimp your Ride” but “Pimp your Needlepoint????” No thank you. But the idea of taking something utilitarian and everyday and fixing it up into something that’s unique and yours. I can stand behind that. With this post I’m starting an occasional series of projects designed to do just that, create […]