Create Color Schemes with this Widget

Originally posted 2008-06-26 07:13:17. Republished by Blog Post PromoterI’m nuts about this little widget, Color Jack and you should be too. Using this lovely colored sphere you can create 19 different types of color schemes. You can view them all for normal vision as well as 10 different kinds of color blindness (including a custom [...]

Painter’s Palette – Thread Review

needlepoint eight-point star using Tentakulum painter's threads

Tentakulum is a German company hand-dyeing many different threads in colors inspired by different painters. Each is named for the painter (last names for the men, first for the women). It’s distributed in the US by Threadnuts. There is a huge variety of threads in this line. In the small piece pictured above, each patch [...]

What Can I Do with a Belt Canvas?


So you’ve decided to stitch a belt. Now you have to make some decisions about finishing it. If you decide to finish it as a needlepoint belt, you have a couple of options, somewhat dependent on the waist size of the person wearing it. Most belt canvases are about 38″ long. If the belt needs [...]

Needlepoint Belts – Needlepoint in the News

Needlepoint belt by Patti Mann

The style section of the New York Times ran an article this week about needlepoint belts. It begins by talking about the “breakup belt,” a close relative of the “breakup sweater.” You know those items you make for a significant other but you break up before the item is stitched. Their solution is to buy [...]

Design Celtic Knotwork for Stitching on your Computer


Celtic knotwork and interlacing is so lovely and complex. It always makes for lovely designs. But charting it from scratch can be tedious and time-consuming. Trolling around the web Thursday I came upon a totally cool product — a program of knotwork already charted on a grid. That means from your computer you can just [...]