Design Celtic Knotwork for Stitching on your Computer


Celtic knotwork and interlacing is so lovely and complex. It always makes for lovely designs. But charting it from scratch can be tedious and time-consuming. Trolling around the web Thursday I came upon a totally cool product — a program of knotwork already charted on a grid. That means from your computer you can just […]

Needlepoint Trade Secrets: One chapter free download & special offer

needlepoint trade secrets tips book by janet perry

In my book, Needlepoint Trade Secrets, I share hundreds of tips with you about doing needlepoint and other needlework. I like the book so much I keep a copy on my desk as a reference. It’s summer and I have two special offers for you, good through Labor Day (how’s that for a vacation special?) […]

CReaTiNG CuSToM NeeDLePoiNT CaNVaSeS (Part Two)

Custom needlepoint of company logo by Sandy Grossman-Morris

Yesterday we learned about some types of images that work for custom needlepoint in Part One of Sandy’s post. Today, we’ll learn about two other types of images. Tomorrow, you’ll see mt choices for this projects. Artwork: Children’s artwork is generally perfect for placing on canvas. Children usually like to use many bright colors and […]