Inspiration from Other Needlecrafts

I was reading the summer issue of A Needle Pulling Thread and it got me thinking about how much inspiration I find and how many good ideas there are from other crafts. Here’s some I use often: adapting quilt blocks to needlepoint using quilt and other color schemes as inspiration getting and stitching a whole [...]

Patchwork of Peace – Needlepoint Book Review

Originally posted 2009-07-28 07:02:30. Republished by Blog Post PromoterI know this book has been out awhile and is very popular. I’ve not looked at it because I didn’t want to stitch the project. But I looked at it recently and have to say that it’s a disappointment. In order to get enough out of the [...]

Kelly’s Stumpwork Sampler

Sampler Pic Jan 27, 2011.jpeg

I am envious and anxious to stitch my own all at once! Isn’t this stumpwork sampler that my friend Kelly Clark is stitching amazing? As you can read in her first blog post about the project, Kelly was reading about stumpwork techniques and noticed all the books had pieces stitched in free embroidery on linen. [...]

Inspiration for Creating a Color Palette


One of my favorite blogs is design seeds, a blog that puts together several color schemes each day from all kinds of sources. I’m alway getting neat ideas from it. BUt not only is it inspirational but the Palette Search tool can help you to put together your own schemes. There are three sections to [...]

Skein Holder – Pimp my Needlepoint


I’m always on the lookout for easy projects to make that can make my stitching life easier and more beautiful. This charming holder for skeins of wool (or any other fluffy thread for that matter) is charming and easy to make. Kathy of The Unbroken Thread has made it for herself while she takes courses [...]