The Surprise Project

Autumn Haze by Laura Perin

Originally posted 2009-03-29 07:36:42. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Since I led it yesterday at my ANG Chapter meeting, I can finally tell you about it. My surprise project was Autumn Haze one of Laura Perin’s free designs. You’ll find it near the bottom of the page. My one is shown at the top of […]

Color through The Ages Club – New Options

Time is almost up to join the fantastic Color through Time needlepoint club. The first project will ship on March 15. After that no more registrations will be accepted. Only the basic program is open to new members. Basic, patterns as PDFs only Basic Package includes the PDFs of each month’s program. It is $7.50 […]

Stitches Vol 1 & 2 in printed form – book review


Originally posted 2010-09-15 07:07:28. Republished by Blog Post Promoter compiled by Ruth Schmuff & Kathy Holicky, ISBN 978-1-4507-2551-4, self-published I love the two stitches CDs but I like to browse through my stitch dictionaries to get ideas for projects I have. So they need to be portable and something you can page through. Since I […]

Make your own Bargello Pillow

I got a question recently asking about kits to make a Bargello pillow. There aren’t many of them out there, so it’s best to make your own. This is easier than you might think. The pillow pictured here is a vintage pillow, made from an elsa Williams design. A great place to find over 30 […]

Graffiti Rendered as Needlepoint

Originally posted 2009-07-10 07:03:41. Republished by Blog Post PromoterTake a look at this completely cool needlepoint by Jacqueline Royal, which renders urban graffiti into needlepoint. It’s awesome and people have been commenting about it since a post on it appeared on the CRAFT blog earlier this week. It’s simply glorious needlepoint and there’s lots we […]