Needlepoint You Love

Originally posted 2009-01-19 06:18:36. Republished by Blog Post PromoterYesterday I was reading a business blog post about products you love vs. products you like. For example, people who use Macs tend to love their computers. I’m one of them, so I know. I’ve pretty much only used Macs since 1988. I love them, they make […]

Perfecting Eyelets

In Joni Stevenson’s wonderful blog, she recently had a post about eyelets. They are one of my favorite stitches. Partly it’s because they are so fun to make, partly because they are so adaptable. But my eyelets don’t always look as good as they should. Sometimes, they are crowded into the center hole. Sometimes they […]

Working an Elizabeth Bradley Kit

elizabeth bradley needlepoint kit with background painted

Originally posted 2009-05-16 06:02:06. Republished by Blog Post Promoter I just love Elizabeth Bradley‘s needlepoint designs. I have all her books, have done several of the smaller charts, but I had never done one of the big kits. Doing one can be daunting, but the time you spend in preparing your kit for stitching and […]

Scrap Bag Needlepoint – Picking Threads for a Project

scrap bag needlepoint christmas ornament, designed and stitched by needlepoint expert janet m. perry

The most challenging (and also the most fun) part of creating a Scrap Bag Needlepoint project is deciding what colors to use. Throughout this post you’ll see examples of some of my projects that used specific color themes. If everything in your project is random, you’ll get chaos. In every project there has to be […]

Knitting Yarns for Needlepoint – Reuse America Part 2

Originally posted 2009-05-31 05:24:37. Republished by Blog Post PromoterOne of my favorite parts of the TNNA show is the “Great Wall of Thread” which previews knitting yarns for the upcoming season. Why? Stitching with knitting yarns is one of my favorite things. The variety of knitting yarns is incredible and many of our popular needlepoint […]