A Background Stitch Reference Book — Book Review

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Golden Gate Canvas Workers ANG, self-published, $25

Twenty years ago, a suburban San Francisco chapter of ANG decided to turn the results of their study of background stitches into a book. The book was revised in 2000, changing the charts to clearer, computer-generated charts.

The book is a marvel and an outstanding reference for needlepointers. Its’ divided into chapters first according to stitch families, then with a chapter on exposed canvas stitches and then one on specialty stitches.

The stitch diagrams have some nice features not seen in other needlepoint books. When used, instead of showing numbers for both sides of the stitch only one number, where the needle comes out of the canvas, is used. On other diagrams, arrows are used to show where the needle goes back into the canvas. Some diagrams don’t have either because the stitches are self-explanatory. The result is stitch diagrams that are clear and easy to follow. The “aids to navigation” are only used where needed.

In addition to the clear diagrams, there are stitching instructions and suggestions by chapter members. I love this aspect of the book because it inspires our own creative use of the stitches.

The book draws on many sources for stitches suitable for backgrounds, which makes it wonderfully useful. The reader doesn’t have to wonder if the stitch will work for a background, she knows it will. Beyond this there are stitches and variations unique to this book.

And if all of this isn’t enough to get you to run out and buy this book, the chapter is having a special promotion for the 20th anniversary, the book, including shipping is $25. Go and a buy it for yourself or a stitcher you know. Please email me directly for information on how to purchase the book. I’m asking people do this because of privacy concerns.


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    Please email me directly for information on how to purchase the book. I’m asking people do this because of privacy concerns.

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    I will email you with the instructions. The information is not on the site because of privacy concerns. My email is napaneedlepoint {at} gmail {dot} com. Remove spaces and put symbols and punctuation in place of words in parentheses.

    Keep Stitching, Janet


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