A Great Portable Place for Orts – Product Review

Recently I bought the Mort – Ort Bin made by Lantern Moon. This company first became well-known for their baskets and knitting needle cases. With hand-made products from Southeast Asia, the line is beautiful. I’ve long been an admirer, but hadn’t bought any of their products.

I saw this Ort bin and fell in love with it. First, it’s construction reminded me of what we called “Chinese Coin Purses” when I was little. While this is made from silk and those were from leather, it opens the same way, by squeezing. Second, it’s portable, and third, it’s a lovely piece of silk.

When closed, it lays quite flat, easily securing the orts until you can empty it. I also like that when closed, there is still and open space at top, so small orts can be inserted. It will also stay in partially open positions, so you can do that when partially full.

I took it with me on my recent trip. I didn’t get thread ends all over everything, stayed neat in the airplane, and didn’t come near filling the Ort Bin, But I could empty it neatly when I got home.

It comes in five different colors, two shown here, and retails under $13. It’s beautiful, handmade, and functional — what more could you want? No more coffee cups at ANG meetings for me.

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