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I love Laura Perin’s Mini Mysteries, but until last weekend I had only thought of making them as complete projects.

Use this motif from Laura Perin's Mini Mystery #2 to make a quick project.

Use this motif from Laura Perin’s Mini Mystery #2 to make a quick project.

That’s limiting. In these designs there are so many small motifs that can become the basis for a new needlepoint piece. I took the eight-pointed star pictured here and repeated it three times in a row. I stitched it using bright blue Watercolors and outlined it with silver #8 Kreinik to make the stars pop.

simple pattern darning stitch

This over 3, under 1 darning pattern makes a great background.

The background is pattern darning, pattern above, using Snow White Watercolors.

Jewelry boxes with removable glass tops are perfect for adding needlepoint & make great gifts.

Jewelry boxes with removable glass tops are perfect for adding needlepoint & make great gifts.

But the finishing is the second part of this wonderful idea. Look at thrift shops for glass-topped jewelry boxes. The glass should not be attached permanently but held in place with disks or something that can be loosened.

Remove the glass and use it as the pattern for your needlepoint. Center the motif, stitch it and add more if you like. Once that’s stitched, fill in the background to within 1 thread of the outline.

Cut out the needlepoint just beyond the outline and place, facing out, into the opening. It will not be thick enough the stay in place so you need to add more layers. You can use the glass behind the needlepoint. This works great if the glass is smooth and it isn’t a present for a child.

If you don’t want to use the glass, find a stiff piece of cardboard about the thickness of the glass. Put a pretty scrapbook paper on one side using spray adhesive. Use your glass as a pattern to cut out the cardboard.

Put the cardboard with the scrapbook paper facing the inside of the box. Tighten the holders and you’re done.

Looking through them you will find so many lovely small designs, it will be hard to pick just one. You don’t have to. As long as you can find this style of box, you can use them both to make lovely needlepoint gifts.

P.S. Sorry there is no picture of the finished piece. Monday I had a splitting headache and couldn’t stitch. I’ll update this post with a picture when done.


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