About Janet M. Perry


Janet Perry is passionate about needlepoint. In Nuts about Needlepoint, which grew out of this passion, you’ll learn about her current projects, and get great new ideas about needlepoint. It’s also a source for the information and products she discovers.

She is well-known as an expert on needlepoint. She currently has 11 books in print, including the popular, Needlepoint Trade Secrets and Bargello Revisited. She is also one of the leading providers of stitch guides for hand-painted canvases. Guides written by her are available from such popular designers as Melissa Shirley, Raymond Crawford, Needledeeva, Kelly Clark, and many others. She also writes custom stitch guides and has a revolutionary and a needlepoint information site, All about Needlepoint.

Her commitment to innovative techniques, clear explanations, and unfussy needlepoint have gotten her legions of students and fans throughout the world. She’s created a free beginners needlepoint course that has been taken by over 2500 students. Her annual DIY Stitch Guide class has taught hundreds of stitchers how to create their own guides.

Most recently she has added the only site completely dedicated to needlepoint news with updates on classes, trunk shows, events, new products, sales, and more. It’s updated three times daily.

Here’s what she has to say for herself:

“I began stitching in 1970, just before I turned 14. It was as if needlepoint found me. I loved it immediately and have done so ever since. I was an adventurous needlepointer from the beginning, trying new stitches, designing my own patterns, adapting pictures to needlepoint, and stitching with any thread I could get my hands on.

“From 1997-2001 I was the Needlepoint Guide for About.com, building it up into a comprehensive and current site for needlepoint knowledge. This site is based on much of that work. Since 2001 I have worked as an independent designer, creating projects and stitch guides. They’re always designed to give your more than what you need to stitch that canvas. They’ll give you ideas knoedge, and stitches you can take to other projects.

“My basic needlepoint philosophy is that needlepoint should be fun and easy. I have developed many techniques which allow even beginning stitches to do ‘difficult’ techniques, and my knowledge of needlepoint allows me to draw on so many different ideas.

“There isn’t a needlepoint technique I haven’t tried at least twice and I’ve stitched with almost everything that can be threaded on a needle. I welcome designers, shops, and individuals as clients.

“In addition to this blog and my design work, I also teach and write. I have written articles and columns for many popular needlepoint and needlework magazines. I am a Life Patron of the American Needlepoint Guild.

“I live on Mare Island in California with my husband, cats, and kids. When not stitching I’m an avid foodie (email me for recommendations if you’re coming to Napa Valley) and I enjoy reading and decorating. From time to time I manage to step away from my needlepoint and my computer to read, shop and have lunch with friends.”