Almost Complete Petei Search

petei needlepoint alice in wonderland cheshire cat, stitched by needlepoint expert janet m perry

Can you think of a better background color for this cat? But green was not my first choice.

I’ve called and emailed so many needlepoint shops, all across the country. Most shops are out of all Peteis, but, if you work at it, you can find Petei canvases.

If you are looking for Peteis, please contact me. I can put you in touch with an individual who has many she is looking to sell.

I have found all but one of the canvases I was looking for. I’m still looking for Nana, the Saint Bernard from Peter Pan.

So I’m pretty close to having wonderful sets of ornaments to needlepoint for each person in my family.

For my husband, I’m making Navajo rug reproductions from GailVail. I came across my box of crewel wool in the garage last week, so I’ll be using them.

For my eldest daughter, we have the Petei Peter Pan series. This is her favorite book in the world. She even wrote her senior thesis in college on it.

For my son, we have Kathy Schenkel Pirates series. He’s nuts about pirates and these will be so fun including as they do two parrots and a treasure chest. I did the blue parrot for him last year, this I’m thinking the treasure chest.

For my youngest daughter, Petei’s Alice in Wonderland. This all started because of that series. I bought the hookah-smoking caterpillar and stitched it one year when she was little because he was so odd. Alice followed. That’s the start of a series. She was the Mad Hatter for a prank in college, so I’m going to customize that one to look like her outfit.

So today at the Perry household, there is much rejoicing because I have most of the canvases I’ve been looking for.

But if you have Nana (BTW she’s a Saint Bernard) and don’t plan on stitching it, let me know. I’d love to buy it.


  1. Barbara Egoville says

    I have been searching for the Victorian patchwork Santa. Any resource for that one? The French knot initially said they could get it, but that was months ago. I called again and they were very noncommittal .

  2. Alexandra says

    Thank you so much to all who have purchased Peteis from me. Please enjoy and happy stitching!
    The following are SOLD OUT: the Nativity set, Wizard of Oz, Henry the 8th and wives, Cinderella (except for the munchkins), Victorian Quilt Santa.
    Many are still available.
    Thanks again

  3. Alexandra says

    The following Petei Santas (previously on hold for a Petei fan) have become available:



    300 WISEMAN
    301 WISEMAN
    302 WISEMAN
    456 SNOWMAN

    Others are also available, THX!

  4. Catherine says

    I would love to get in touch with Alexandra, and am interested in purchasing the six Petei Santas (except the Stocking Santa). Could you provide me with a way to get in touch with her? Also, if you have any other ideas on stores to contact for purchase of the Santas, I would love to hear your ideas!
    Thank you!
    ~ Catherine

  5. Alexandra (Sanda) says

    Thank you to all that have purchase my Peteis, I truly appreciate it and happy stitching!
    To any other Petei lovers looking to complete their various sets, Santas, etc., please follow up on your inquiry as soon as possible as all Petei needlepoints are subject to prior sale and I can’t quarantee availabilty.

  6. Debbie says

    I am looking for the Mad Hatter Petei canvas from the Alice in Wonderland series? Does anyone know where I can get it?

  7. Alexandra (Sanda) says

    Debbie, I have the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.
    Please feel free to contact me.

  8. Kathy Ehlinger says

    I am looking for Petei’s Baby Jesus. I had the entire set finished and Baby Jesus vanished from under the Christmas tree about 4 years ago. I purchased a new canvas last year, was working on it, and left it on a plane over the holidays. I’m bugging the airline to find it but don’t hold much hope. So any help in locating another canvas would be deeply appreciated.

  9. Emily says

    I have tried reaching out to Alexandra (Sandra) via email and they keep getting returned. I am on a mission to find more Peteis (as everyone else! 😉 ) I want to continue my mother’s tradition of needlepointing Petei Santas. Does anyone have Alexandra’s contact info, other places with Peteis available (not just Sanatas?) I would love some help! Thanks!!!

  10. says

    I have recently heard about a couple of shops with Peteis: Diversions Needlepoint & Waste Knot. They might still have some.

    Many people who have Peteis in their stashes are selling them, especially on eBay. So I would search there.

    Keep Stitching,

  11. Donna Hankins says

    I am looking for Petei nativity angels, donkey, lamb, camels.
    I would GREATLY appreciate any help in locating them.

  12. donna Hankins says

    I am again looking for Petei nativity camels. Thanks for your help last July. I would appreciate any suggestion.
    Thanks again

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