Alphagraphics by Jini Smith — Cool Vintage Book

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needlepoint chart using letters as graphic element

I was putting away another random box of needlework books yesterday morning and I came across this vintage book of charts from 1978.

If you come across one buy it, it has some great ideas for needlepoint.

In it Jini has two sets of letters as graphic elements and over a dozen charted alphabets (most with both upper and lower case). The charts are all really clear, in color, and easy to read.

She also has tips on making monograms, other tips and working instructions and color pictures of some of the projects she’s made.

But I really want to tell you about those letters as graphic elements which are what prompted me to write. Each design uses a single letter. The first one takes the letter, doubles it, combines them into a pleasing shape and then reflects them four times. The picture at the top of the article shows one of them, the C design.

needlepoint chart using letters as graphic element

The second set, as seen above, is rectangular and combines the letters into interesting border designs.

This how cool this could be as a border for a monogram inserted into a purse.

I’m just bursting with ideas for these.


  1. Fran Steele says

    I loved Alphagraphics, which I bought in 1980. I had forgotten about it until I read your post. Now I can’t find my copy. Where did it go? Hope I can find it, or another. I believe there were several volumes.

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