Amanda Lawford Adds a Bevy of Needlepoint Designers to her Line

Amanda Lawford's Russian Village is one of my favorite canvases.

Amanda Lawford’s Russian Village is one of my favorite canvases.

I love Amanda Lawford’s canvases. I’ve always liked that her line has such variety. Whether you want a challenging needlepoint project such as one of her complex 30″ Santas, or you are looking at her simple bugs squares in borders for your very first needlepoint, you’ll find something to love in her line.

In recent years she took one big step to expand by adding a line of resin boxes in various shapes. Earlier this year she added a line of totes with canvases sized to fit them.

I’m really excited about the six designers and canvas lines she has added. Two of these lines, Needlepoint Broad and HP Designs are familiar to you. Let’s hope HP’s lovely lacquer boxes get added to the line ass well.

Joining these are four others. There are canvases from DC Designs. These bold graphic canvases are often on 13 mesh and make great beginners canvases.

ARB’s designs are not on-line yet.

Mariko King has also been added. These ten canvases all feature cats being very cat-like or extremely silly (doing the hula or building a snowman).

Finally Elizabeth Mumford has been added. You’ll recognize her New England-themed canvases that have been blog-stitched by many.

I”m excited by this expansion because it will bring these talented designers and lovely designs to a wider audience of stitchers.

Please Note: The TNNA Market is in Columbus this weekend. While this is not nearly as important a market for needlepoint as California’s winter market, there will be many new products coming out from manufacturers and designs both exhibiting at the show and showing their products on-line. Many of these items have already been highlighted in the post on new products last week.

Rest assured, rather than cram everything said by everybody into one massively long page, I will be stepping back and considering new products and, more importantly, trends in the needlepoint market, bringing you posts next week on what to find in your shops over the next few months.

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