ANG Seminar Winners & Design

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needlepoint Naoshima Sunset by Lois Kershner

Each year, ANG invites someone to provide an on-line version of the National Seminar Exhibit. Called What Is Needlepoint? It’s a wonderful bit of eye candy and a superb look at excellence in needlework.

The entry for the 2010 exhibit just made its debut earlier this week. While often, it’s just a selection of the winners, this year the article goes beyond to teach us about design. Six entires are analyzed in detail, looking at factors like lines & patterns, repetition, and variation — all important in needlework. There is also information about the Golden Rectangle, and insight in each piece overall and why it is a prizewinner.

The design pictured above, Naoshima Sunset by Lolis Kershner, won a prize for original design by a professional. It is one of the pieces analyzed.

There is so much food for thought here.


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