Announcing All about Needlepoint

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I just wanted everyone to know about the new Website I’m developing — All about Needlepoint.

I’ve long been unhappy that as needlepointers, we don’t have available on the Internet the kinds of tools and information which is available for many other people who do needlearts. Quilters have a bazillion patterns, there is a huge community of knitters, and newly popular needlearts like free embroidery have many sites dedicated to them — but where is the reference information for people who want to needlepoint.

I have wanted to put the store of information in my head and on my computer out in the world and available to the public for a long time, but I couldn’t find a structure I liked. I put my mind to it and started working.

All about Needlepoint is designed from the outset to be for anyone who is interested in needlepoint from the just curious to the experienced stitcher. It’s easy to navigate, with no information more than two clicks from the home page. It’s designed to teach as well and there will be free email courses (the first one, for beginners, is taking sign-ups now), free projects and email projects (I’m working on those as well).

I put up a few pages everyday (I’m trying to eat the elephant), so check back often.

One new feature is “Ask Janet” a free service where you can ask a needlepoint question and get an answer back within one business day. I’m putting my expertise to work for you.

I want to revolutionize the needlepoint world, taking advantage of the Information Age and all its wonders. I’m hoping eventually to add features like Wikis (collaborative encyclopedias), a directory of free needlepoint patterns on the Internet (I’m figuring out how to do that), and needlepoint forums for discussion. We’ll have stitch-alongs and possibly swaps and exchanges.

In case you’re wondering, the blog will stay here and continue as it has been. Some of the material here which is reference will move over to All about Needlepoint at some point, largely to make it easier to find. And, of course, the free projects will be in the Directory. But this will continue to be the place to read news, reviews, learn about great needlepoint posts, and to track the latest information.

But I also want to know what you’d like to see. What bit of information do you always forget? What would you like to know? What technique do you want to learn? Email me at napaneedlepoint @ (remove spaces) and tell me about it.

I’m looking forward to developing this site.


  1. Cheryl Anderson says

    Kudos to you for bringing awareness of needlepoint back again. I am so concerned that it is going to become a lost art as young people have little time nowdays and tend to go to the hobbies that give instant results. I’m looking forward to being a regular visitor on your site.

  2. says

    Konigskind — Yes, I’m planning on adding a RSS feed as soon as I can figure out how to do it (I only know how to for blogs).

    Cheryl — Thanks for the kind words. One of my goals with the site is to find ways to make needlepoint attractive enough to young people and busy people to make it a new knitting. I think I should write a post about that. Look for it tomorrow.

    Keep Stitching,

  3. says

    Janet, I am so excited about the new site. With your enthusiasm, energy and talent it will be a terrific place to visit. Congratulations on your newest endeavor. My first question for “Ask Janet” is “When do you sleep?!?”


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