Another Watercolour Twinchy

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I told you there was another one, complete with chart (below). It was hiding in one of the smaller piles on my desk.

I was celebrating the start of CyberPointers by cleaning the desk off (cheap thrills I know but seeing the desk surface is so nice) and, literally, it fell out. The design is a four block leaf quilt made from Mosaics in one of my favorite Watercolours, Camoflage. I love it’s more subtle but still Christmasy colors. I used Watercolours in Natural for the background and a knitting yarn from my scrap bag for the red.

I also love the more complex border. I punched it up by making the corners, Smyrna Crosses in the green. I think if I were to stitch it again I’d use two Watercolours for the leaves, alternating the color used for each leaf.

It’s small, very delicate, but tons of fun.

Each block is made up of four leaves, which rotate around the center. By using Mosaic, you get the feel of a complete quilt in a small space.


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    Lovely design – I really like this one. But I had to smile at your remark “If I were to stitch this again…”. It’s a big ‘if’, isn’t it! With so many inspirational things we see on the internet, how many times do we repeat something we have already done? Much as we would like to.


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