Do You Want to Learn Needlepoint – Here’s Help

cats needlepoint canvas from HP Designs

This charming HP Designs canvas is a perfect first needlepoint canvas. Experienced stitchers also love it.

These days, as some have pointed out, the emphasis seems to be on elaborate needlepoint. Stuff that has many stitches, many threads, fancy finishing, and difficult techniques. If you are a beginner you think there isn’t anything out there for you. That no one cares if you want to learn needlepoint. Or if you succeed in doing so.

That’s just not true.

I’m committed to helping you learn needlepoint with my teaching, ebooks, and this blog. Here’s a summary of what’s available.

beginning needlepoint canvas of cat. stitched by needlepoint expert janet m. perry

This Art Needlepoint canvas of a painting by Sophie Harding is a perfect beginners canvas.

If You Want to Learn Needlepoint

My free email beginners course has been taken by over 2000 people. Sign up for it on the linked page.

This course provides an overview of needlepoint, a look at the tools and materials used, instruction of Continental, Basketweave and ten other stitches. Plus two projects are included.

It’s a great way to teach yourself or a friend needlepoint.

Attic Windows is a perfect beginner’s project.

Pick a Project

I also have many ebook projects designed especially for beginning stitchers.

Rainbow Sherbet is designed as a first needlepoint project. You’ll learn stitches and many techniques that will help you create successful projects.

Attic Windows is one of my favorites because the three ornaments will teach you new stitches in a lovely setting.

That’s just the beginning, there are lots of other projects perfect for beginners.

mondrian memories needlepoint class, stitch sampler taught by needlepoint expert janet m. perry with a canvas by sandy grossman-morris

A New Style of Needlepoint Sampler in this Needlepoint Independent Study class.

Take a Project Class

Many of my Art Needlepoint and Needlepoint Independent Study courses are great to teach you new stitches. You can find them on the linked pages.

Some of the classes such as Mondrian Memories or Textured Kimono are designed to as beginner projects teaching you what might be in a sampler but in a fresh format.

Other projects, such as Amaryllis are designed to build on the knowledge you have.

needlepoint robot by petei, stitch guide by janet perry

STitch Guides are available customized to you.

Get a Stitch Guide

Unlike many other stitch guide writers, my custom stitch guides meet you where you are and help you meet your needlepoint goals. Learn more about this and my other custom services on this page.

Depending on your budget and the canvas, I have three options:

  • Quick Stitch Help – gives you stitch and thread suggestions for a background or for an area on the canvas.
  • Stitch Maps – Give you stitch and thread suggestions in a “just the facts ma’am format that is perfect for simpler canvases
  • Stitch Guides – go into more detail with explanations on how to do techniques, the reasoning behind choices and ideas you can apply to other canvases,

Always my guides are customized to you: your ideas, your preferences, your stitching level, your stash, ands even your local shop. No one else offers this level of customization at such affordable prices.

P.S. If budget is a concern, let me know, I can be very creative and I want you to love needlepoint.

Using the letter and background of your choice, along with Janet Perry’s stitch guide, even beginners can make lovely needlepoint and learn more stitches.

Become a Nut

I also have many projects and tips on this blog for beginners. Click on the beginners category to start exploring.

There are over 200 posts in this category and they cover everything related to needlepoint. You’ll find

  • links to great projects from all over the Web
  • original projects on this blog
  • reference articles on all kinds of stitching topics
  • reviews of great products
  • stitch suggestions
  • tips

Grab a cup of coffee and come explore!

And in 2013

I have several things in the works beginning in January. First there will be a cyberclass called “My First Painted Canvas” It’s designed to help you pick the right canvas, pick threads and stitches for it and get started. It will be an interactive class so we can all share and learn from each other. My project for this class will be the cat pillow pictured here.

Second there will be a beginners ornament club. These ornaments will help you expand your knowledge of threads, techniques, and stitches while creating a Baker’s Dozen of charming pieces.

Signups for both will start January 1, 2013. If you want to get on the list, let me know.

There’s plenty out there for beginning needlepointers, starting here. Grab a needle and start stitching!


  1. Barbara Dress says

    I purchased 2 small canvases for my Florida condo–beach chairs–beach house etc. They are small and require small stitches. I have the book Needlepointing in Your Nest–I went to the small stitch section but there is not enough detail for the stitches for me. I am not a beginner but I am not very accomplished either. Is there anything else that might help me? I also am working on a purse that has several sections that are going to require small stitches. Thank you for any help you can offer.


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