Attaining Predictable Results in Needlepoint

“It’s just Painting by Numbers.”

That’s an insult often hurled at needlepointers. And it’s mostly untrue — or is it?

Yes we apply our creativity by picking threads and, sometimes, stitches. But how often do we go beyond this to stretch ourselves and create something special?

I’m all for this process, it’s the basis of what we do, but there’s a lack here, something that keeps us from using this wonderful media to exercise our creativity fully and to stretch our knowledge and imagination.

Thinking about it how often do we know what we’ll get when we start to stitch? How often do we get predictable results in needlepoint?

Not often enough.

By “predictable” I don’t mean cookie cutter results. I mean that you understand the tolls of needlepoint and the principles of art well enough that you’ll pick the ones you need to get the results you see in your mind. So that the outcome isn’t a shock.

The lack of confronting and teaching this is a huge gap in most needlepoint education. Yes we learn lot of spiffy techniques. We share tips, we stitch lovely canvases. But do you know why this canvas looks good and that one looks off? Do you know how to correct a canvas that might not be in proper perspective through your stitches? Are you comfortable using overdyed threads on a non-geometric canvas?

That’s the basis of my joint education series with The Art Needlepoint Company, Attaining Predictable Results. We don’t want to make everyone stitch the same way, we don’t want to give you a stitch guide so you can stitch the canvas the same way. We want to give you knowledge, tools, and understanding so you can unlock your creativity and create great needlepoint.

I was trying some different techniques for backgrounds using overdyed threads. In one I used T Stitch and a hand-dyed silk. In another I used two overdyed flosses. Because I understand these threads and how their color needs to be used in stitching, I could apply that knowledge confidently to create this and other wonderful effects easily, knowing that this would work; that the results were predictable.

Knowing that I can get results like these has opened a whole new world of needlepoint for me, and it can do the same for you.

In the series, you’ll get a total of 12 lessons, 4 everyone gets, 8 are you choice from 16 lessons. The lessons are a mix of art as applied to needlepoint (color, perspective, etc.), the tools of needlepoint (threads, stitch variations, etc.), techniques (long and short stitch, shading, etc.), and more. Each lessons not only tells you, it show you what you need to know to get the results you want.

The cost of the subscription is $280. The lessons are sent as PDFs. If you would prefer printed versions, it is $375. Contact me or Art Needlepoint to purchase.

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