Bargello Mirror or Luggage Tag

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two bargello needlepoint mirrors designed by Bargello Needlepoint

Althea over at Bargello Needlepoint has started a series of Bargello Stash Projects. Her idea is to use her stash to make and finish small Bargello items, with each one being unique.

Her first ones are a pair of Lee Needle Art mirrors with Bargello inserts.

The post has detailed instructions on how to do them.

I’m just finishing my first Bargello mirror project, but I have a needlepointed one in my purse.

bargello needlepoint luggage tag, designed by Janet Perry

If you like the idea, but don’t carry mirrors, Lee makes several other items which use the same size round. The luggage tag (here is the lime one), the jewelry case, and, I think, the new CD case, all use the same insert.

In the case of the mirror the very top of the circle is cut off, but it’s the same circle.



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