Beautiful Biscornus

 four-way bargello needlepoint biscornu pincushion, designed by needlepoint expert janet m. perry

Any square piece of needlepoint can become a delightful biscornu you finish yourself.

As long as you have a square or two of stitching the same size, you can make delightful biscornus. These eight-sided pincushions became popular in the Cross Stitch world, but now have been adopted by needlepointers.

They are also pretty easy to finish yourself. Here are some tutorials that show the process.

Ada from Eye Candy Needleart show you how to get started by using her Spring Biscornu that’s in the current issue of Needlepoint Now (Nov/Dec 2012). This detailed tutorial is for Cross Stitch, but if you fold under the canvas instead of backstitching around the design, it will work for needlepoint. This biscornu tutorial, also for Cross Stitch, shows you how to finish with or without a button.

I also was thinking that, as needlepointers we don’t use pincushions that much. But I love this finish so I was thinking they could be finished with a loop to become ornaments. Because of the way they are finished both sides of the needlepoint show, so it won’t matter if they turn some on the tree. Here’s a picture of one hanging on a tree. This stitcher has also finished them as scissor fobs, key chains, and as wreath centerpieces.

You might have needlepoint in your stash, stitched or unstitched that will work but there are plenty of great free designs out there that will work. My free patterns directories of ornaments and quilt-based designs have lots of them. In addition many companies are now making canvases that are designed to be finished as biscornus. In fact, I’ve got to go, I hear the one in my stash calling me.

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