Best Needlepoint Canvas for Beginners

mono needlepoint canvas

Mono is the best canvas for beginners

Michele asked for my recommendation for canvas for her as a beginner.

The answer is simple 14-mesh mono canvas from Zweigart. Let’s look at why.

The Weave

Mono canvas is woven with a simple over-1-under-1 weave. Made from single threads of heavy long-staple cotton, it’s smooth so that your thread will go through it easily.

The single-thread construction means that the weave is easy-to-see and the intersections float. This will make it easier to learn Basketweave and will allow your canvas to be blocked back into shape when you’re finished stitching.

Mono also has the largest holes of any weave of needlepoint canvas. This means that as you are learning you’ll have a bigger target.

The Maker

I’m sure there are other makers of needlepoint canvas, but Zweigart is the canvas if choice. Their deluxe line has orange threads woven in the selvedge.

Their canvas is beautifully woven. It is 100% cotton. Mono canvas is heavy for its size because the threads are thick and smooth.

Virtually all hand-painted canvas in the US is on Zweigart as well.

The Mesh

The most popular mesh of canvas these days is 18-mesh. When I started stitching in 1970, it was 10-mesh. 18 was considered petit point.

For your early projects you want a balance between a canvas that is easy to see and one that has a wide variety of threads that fit it easily.

Many people find 18-mesh hard to see. So while the most threads are available for it, it is harder to stitch. On the other hand, large mesh sizes such as 10 and 12 are very easy to see, but finding threads for these can be tricky.

13 & 14 mesh are a great solution. They have become more popular so many designers have their designs available on these mesh. They are adaptable so many threads too thick for 18 work here, but many threads that are great on 18 work on these mesh as well.

Sticking with this mesh of canvas gives you lots of opportunity to try new things while making your first projects a breeze.



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