Blitzkrieg Needlepoint

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So how can needlepoint be a blitzkrieg?

Those who know some history of World War II will know that this term, often shortened to “Blitz,” refers to a quick, heavy strike of bombs on an area. In military terms it is supposed to be so devastating that the effected area submits. In practicality it didn’t always work out that way.

And so, from time to time, I find myself with more needlepoint projects started, and relatively near completion than I would like. I know when I get to that point because I start to feel a nagging need to get stuff off the frames and into the finished pile. Sometimes it’s actual deadlines that compel this feeling.

No doubt when generals plan blitzes, they no doubt have a variety of reasons as well. But I got hit with the need to finish many things last weekend when I found myself looking at two projects almost finished, one that had been hanging on FAR too long, and two more that I had put aside during the holidays.

So I had a needlepoint blitz this week, challenging myself to finish all five projects in eight days (tomorrow is the eighth day). Most of these you’ll see on the blog in the next few weeks, but here’s the rundown of projects and their status as of last night:

  • Learn-a-stitch mini sock for February – done
  • LNA Holy Family trying Shaded Very Velvet – done
  • Pischke Pockets sample – about 2 hours more stitching to do this morning
  • Trimming the Tree project – hope to work on this tomorrow
  • Hot Wired ladybug ornament -doing today

What do you do when you need to finish a bunch of projects? Do you ever have a needlepoint blitz?


  1. Marlene says

    There are many reasons why some almost finished projects are ‘temporarily’ put aside. For me, distractions are often the cause. Recently, I have set aside a specific time every day to stitch and try to keep to my schedule. I also make sure my canvas, threads, instructions, needles, scissor and ort are packaged together. When I want to do a needlepoint blitz on a specific project or projects and the weather is nice, I take off to a local park with a lunch and snacks. I sit under a tree or next to a trail and stitch away. Sometimes I go alone. At other times a friend joins me and also brings her stitching. For me, there are too many potential distractions at home ie. computer, telephone, garden, other hobbies-interests, housework and books I want to finish. Fortunately the TV or video games or DVDs do not tempt me. When the weather is cold and icy, I might stay in but commit to spending a specific numbers of hours curled up on the sofa or in front of my needlepoint frame with a pot of hot tea next to me and stitch on projects. Then, I promise myself not to check my Web messages or do anything other than stitch. Am I successful? Well… generally I am. I try to make my blitz stitching an enjoyable experience not a chore. For me, I consider it a special time set aside for me rather than a stitching chore.

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