Bundles of Needlepoint on Pinterest

For all these years I’ve been doing needlepoint, I’ve always seen things that inspire me: great ideas, lovely needlepoint, cool techniques. And until recently I’ve kept these by making notebooks, lots and lots of notebooks. But there are several problems with them. They

  • are not organized
  • take up too much space
  • new ones can be hard to find

Pinterest acts as a wonderful virtual and organized notebook. I’m crazy about the site and I’m using it as a collected repository of needlepoint.

On Pinterest, images are collected into boards that are of a subject. Because you determine the names of the boards, you can categorize them however you like. For example, I have a board called “cats” but another pinner (the term for users) has boards for tabby cats, white cats, black cats, and kittens.

Most of my boards have to do with needlepoint and I’d like to share them with you. You’ll find plenty to like. try, and inspire your stitching.

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I use Pinterest mostly as an inspiratipn board, so many of my other boards will have pictures in them to inspire your needlepoint, so poke around.

Stitched Needlepoint

Here in the US it’s Thanksgiving, a holiday and a long weekend. It’s a perfect time to browse, join Pinterest and have some fun.

If you know the designer of canvases I haven’t identified or if you are the stitcher of a finished needlepoint, I want to give proper credit. Please contact me with the information. Also if you are in Pinterest and have needlepoint-related boards, let me know, I’ll follow you. Finally I respect copyright, if you would prefer an image of your copyrighted item be removed, let me know.

Now go get some ideas!


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