Canvas Embellishment the sequel – book review

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Linda Corirossi, self-published.

Linda’s first book, Canvas Embellishment, has a wealth of stitches aimed at beginning
stitchers. This sequel emphasizes stitch variations in chapters arranged according to
effects. These chapters cover commonly occurring elements in needlepoint including
clothing, plants, buildings, and fur. Two other chapters cover accent stitches and

The accent stitch chapter provides great detail on different kinds of knots and other accent
stitches. While many of these stitches are diagrammed in other books, rarely are they
explained so clearly, or described do well. Because of this chapter, for example, I now
understand the difference between Colonial and French Knots. Several solutions are
presented for design elements like polka dots, five-pointed stars, or dotted backgrounds.

Corirossi has a fresh approach to needlepoint, one which comes through clearly in her
book. The variations show an inventive approach to stitching and will be useful to both
beginning and experienced stitchers alike.

The diagrams are large and clear, some of the best I’ve seen in any stitch dictionary. The
majority of them are in color. The book is slightly marred, however, by an inattention to
proofreading which includes dropped sentences, missing punctuation and misspellings.
Correction of these details would improve the book.

Reading this book gave me so many great ideas for stitching I could hardly wait to get
home and start stitching.

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