Blending Old & New Dyelots Seamlessly

Originally posted 2011-08-24 07:07:32. Republished by Blog Post PromoterYou know the feeling, you are going to run out of thread before the project is finished. You’ve already starting stitching, so you can’t use my stripes method (explained in the link). What do you do when you’re using a stranded thread? First off stop stitching this [...]

Lines in your Basketweave?

Does your Basketweave have lines (copyright Needlepoint for Fun)?

Today’s guest post is from Needlepoint for Fun‘s Brenda Stimpson, who tells us why you Basketweave might not look as good as it should and what you can do about it. *********** Needlepoint for Fun regularly gets comments from stitchers saying they are seeing diagonal “lines” forming on the front of their basketweave stitching. If [...]