The Unstitchable Needlepoint

Do you find yourself tearing your hair out, trying to catch up on needlepoint news? Help is on the way!

Don’t get me wrong folks, I’m all for the painterly canvas. These are canvases where each canvas is unique because the color is applied a little differently (more about this later). BUT . . . I am finding, more and more, that there is lots of unstitchable needlepoint out there. What really bugs me are [...]

Attitude Adjustment Needed in the Needlepoint World

Village Courtyard from Art Needlepoint

Earlier this week Orna wrote a blog post about snobbish and close-minded attitudes in the needlepoint world. They make her mad and they make me mad as well. Orna rightly points out that far too many people in needlepoint are concerned about following the rules. Far too many teachers concern themselves more with imposing the [...]

Why I Hate Needlepoint

by Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, Esq. I live in a house with a needlepointer. She makes my life a trial. Every evening I would curl up on Her lap to sleep. But I can’t. First She wants to use Her lap stand, and She yells at me to get off. Then Her needlepoint frame hits me [...]

Stitching when Stuck at Home

from wikimedia

Whether it’s because the Olympics are on, or because there’s a winter storm outside, or you are sick but not sick enough to be in bed, there are times when you have plenty of time to stitch. If you’re like me though, that exactly the time when nothing seems interesting. I just came down with [...]

Are You an “Average” Needlepointer?


TNNA recently released the results of last year’s Needlearts Survey. Let’s look at the data for the average needlepointer: Age: 61 Expertise: Intermediate stitcher stitching hours/week: 10 annual projects completed: 10 two thirds of your stitching spending is on canvases (30%), threads (30%), and embellishments (5%) 60% of your spending is at shops (though possibly [...]