Running out of Thread? Try these Creative ideas

copyright Napa Needlepoint

Because I stitch from stash, I’m constantly running out of thread. Of course the flip side is that I have way too much of some threads. But we all run into the problem of not having enough thread and not finding the matching dyelot. Sue Dulle has come up with several inventive solutions that’s she’s […]

Tracing a Design onto Dark Canvas

canvas copyright Amanda Lawford, photo copyright Napa Needlepoint

Have you ever thought that a dark canvas would be a perfect background for your original needlepoint? Then you think this through. The difficulties of tracing your design onto that dark canvas is more than enough to make you rethink your plan. I know I’ve turned to light canvas and a dark background thread to […]

How Do You Start to Plan a Canvas?

birds, copyright Unique NZ Designs

Do you plan it all out at once? Do you pick the threads? Do you decide on stitches? There are probably as many ways to plan a canvas as there are stitchers. Even if we don’t actively think about it, we probably have rules we use when thinking about a canvas. I only have two […]

Strategies for the Large Canvas

Belt Frame in lap stand, copyright K's Creations

I got a question late last week from Danielle. She writes: I ask because I love the bigger counted canvas pieces, but for me a large canvas becomes unwieldy to handle. I don’t have or want to use a stand. I had read somewhere where someone used a smaller set of stretcher bars and just […]

How to Join Needlepoint Canvas

copyright Needlepoint for Fun

Today’s guest post comes from Brenda Stimpson of Needlepoint for Fun who answers a question about how to join needlepoint canvas. ************ You might want to join two or more pieces of needlepoint canvas together to make a rug or to take several small designs to patchwork into a larger design. Here’s How You Join […]