Adding Your Signature to Needlepoint

Whistler's butterfly signature

Originally posted 2010-06-17 07:50:35. Republished by Blog Post PromoterJane recently asked me for ideas for “signing” her needlepoint, as she has not found a good way to do this. It’s a problem many stitchers face, myself included. I can think of four ways to approach this. The last two approaches are taken from the art [...]

Best Needlepoint Background Books

Brenda asked me recently about several books, wanting to know which I thought were the best needlepoint background books. Here’s what I told her: I can’t speak to Tony’s Back to Basics DVD because I haven’t seen it, although my general feeling is that the DVD format is less useful as a format than a [...]

Introducing Needlepoint Problems

Tudor Rose from Rogue Needlepoint

I often find when I’m stitching that I run into problems that need to be solved. Perhaps the colors are too different. Perhaps the canvas is too small. Or a myriad of other things. It’s frustrating because most of the time we’re left to our own devices for ideas to solve these problems. That’s about [...]

If it’s Perforated, Can I Stitch on it?

This post from the archives is reposted as part of the Blast from the Past series. New content will return October 3, 2013. The really simple answer to this is yes. Anything that has holes drilled in it in a regular grid-like pattern can be the ground for needlepoint. Think of these grounds as being [...]

Can I Use Cross Stitch Charts for Needlepoint?

This chart from House of Happy has partial stitches.

Recently I got asked about this by a beginning stitcher on a budget who would like to use Cross Stitch charts as a less expensive alternative to pricey hand-painted canvases. The answer to the question “Can I Use Cross Stitch Charts for Needlepoint?” is Yes, but . . . In looking at using cross stitch [...]