Need Some Physical Therapy for Your Hands & Wrists? Try Needlepoint

by Janet Haigh

OK, you are probably thinking I’ve lost my mind, but often we need therapy to strengthen our wrists and hands. We might also need therapy to improve our fine motor control or our hand-eye coordination. While it isn’t touted as the best thing since hydrotherapy for recovering from injuries, needlepoint does improve many of these [...]

How Much Thread Do I Need to Buy?

Caron Collection new threads from January 2010

That’s a very common question. Back in the old days when we mostly stitched with Persian Wool in Tent Stitch, most shops could estimate how much thread was needed just by using a thumb. Today with so many different threads and with so many stitches, there isn’t a very good rule of thumb for estimating [...]

Needlepoint Tips

Originally posted 2010-06-07 07:16:35. Republished by Blog Post PromoterFind some great needlepoint tips over at Stitchlady’s blog. I REALLY could have used the one about highlighters a few days ago. Oh well.

Adding Your Signature to Needlepoint

Whistler's butterfly signature

Originally posted 2010-06-17 07:50:35. Republished by Blog Post PromoterJane recently asked me for ideas for “signing” her needlepoint, as she has not found a good way to do this. It’s a problem many stitchers face, myself included. I can think of four ways to approach this. The last two approaches are taken from the art [...]

What Makes Award-winning Needlepoint?

Is your needlepoint going to win a prize this year?

With County Fair and Seminar season approaching many of us have our thoughts turning to entering our needlepoint in exhibits. Although the quality of judging can vary greatly from show to show, excellence in your needlepoint and attention to detail will always stand out. This year Brenda acted as a teller for a judge at [...]