Bargello Odd Number Mini-Sock

Originally posted 2006-10-30 06:37:59. Republished by Blog Post PromoterI just got back this mini-sock from finisher Susan Thompson (check out her site at: Isn’t it just too cute? It’s another one of the projects in the Bargello book. This one is mathematical in how the pattern was determined, every single one of the lines [...]

Inspiring Bargello from Tanglecrafts

Originally posted 2008-08-17 07:01:08. Republished by Blog Post PromoterMy friend Su lives in the UK and is a very inspiring and talented stitcher. She does really creative things, especially with Bargello. She’s willing to try all sorts of things and recently she’s been experimenting with doing needlepoint using knitting wool. And she didn’t pick easy [...]

Translating Bargello Needlepoint Patterns

Originally posted 2009-08-09 07:20:33. Republished by Blog Post PromoterRecently I got an email from Karen, who asked about the Madiera canvas listed for the projects in Beautiful Bargello. The book was written in England and many of the materials are challenging to find in the US. For us, Madiera is a thread company, not a [...]