Can I Stitch Bargello Needlepoint from a Photograph?

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These days, partially because computers have made it easier and less time-consuming for designers to create charts, we automatically assume that charts are the only way to stitch Bargello. But when charts were hand-drawn many Bargello books had no charts, just close-up pictures, sometimes even in black and white. These books included the classic Elsa […]

Missoni Bargello Pillow – High Fashion Inspirations

missoni purse

(Updated 7/2015) The knitwear of the Italian fashion house Missoni always are wonderful springboards to needlepoint. Because they design knits and are renowned for their zigzag patterns and bold color choices, often you can use high fashion pieces as the starting point for needlepoint, especially for Bargello. Yesterday I was at Nordstrom’s and there in […]