Two Bargello Needlepoint Free Patterns

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One traditional pattern and one traditional with a twist make up this week’s Bargello Bells. Both are fill patterns in that shapes are created and then filled with additional Bargello. Chain Mail This is a traditional pattern. It’s called this because the hexagonal shapes look a little like chain mail armor. To make this bell […]

Offset Needlepoint Bargello Free Pattern

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This week’s Bargello Bell Pattern is based on a charming quilt design with a simple Bargello needlepoint pattern. Most Bargello has patterns that repeat. That’s what makes Bargello such a wonderful technique that fits in with absolutely any kind of decor. They repeat in two ways. First off the sequence of colors repeats throughout the […]

Bargello Bells Free Needlepoint Project

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Bargello always delights mew because it is so changeable. With a single simple stitch you can create so many looks. I never tire of exploring Bargello. Lately a big source of inspiration for me has been Bargello quilts. While, often, they are challenging to convert to needlepoint, they act as a spring to my imagination […]

How to Make a Bargello Luggage Rack


Originally posted 2011-12-31 07:37:49. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Luggage straps are an excellent idea for Bargello, and you may find patterns for them in older books. But it’s also easy to adapt an existing pattern to making luggage straps. Probably the best way to do this is to find your pattern first. The best […]