A Chorus Line of Crocuses


Over on her blog Sue Dulle has been reworking a charming Spring piece that has a bunch of tulips on it. She didn’t like them as painted so she came up with her own. And she’s sharing the pattern with us. It uses Bargello-ish Straight Stitches and the flowers touch at the leaf tips. With [...]

What Can you Stitch on Silk Gauze

Around for centuries, silk gauze is a type of interlock canvas woven from almost transparent silk threads. Most often found in small mesh (up to 60-mesh), it has more recently become available in easier-to-see 18 and 20-mesh. Kreinik sells it all. Because gauze is very expensive it’s usually sold in cut pieces mounted into mat [...]

Stitching the Easy Bargello Landscape – Part II

Lovely threads & varying Bargello stitches combine to make a great landscape

Now that you have picked your threads and drawn the lines on your canvas, it’s time to start stitching your landscape. This is Bargello so all the stitches will be straight stitches going over more than three threads. Because we chose not to draw the lines parallel, it’s rare that two threads will share a [...]

How to Make an Original Bargello Landscape

Summer Mountain from Isabel's Needlepoint is an inspiration for your original landscape

This abstract canvas from Isabel’s Needlepoint is a perfect jumping off point for creating an original landscape to be stitched in Bargello needlepoint. You can make a charming seasonal landscape easily. First draw a long rectangle on your canvas, this one is 6.5×4. If you want it to be easy to finish make it the [...]

Get Started on a Lifelong Needlepoint Journey with my Free Class

beginning needlepoint stitch sampler designed by needlepoint expert janet m. perry

If you asked a needlepointer why she stitched she’ll tell you she finds it relaxing, creative, and meditative. It’s an artistic pursuit, a comfort in difficult times, a joy to share with others, and a steady companion. How many other things in your life are this? Why don’t you share the joy of needlepoint with [...]