The Unstitchable Needlepoint

Do you find yourself tearing your hair out, trying to catch up on needlepoint news? Help is on the way!

Don’t get me wrong folks, I’m all for the painterly canvas. These are canvases where each canvas is unique because the color is applied a little differently (more about this later). BUT . . . I am finding, more and more, that there is lots of unstitchable needlepoint out there. What really bugs me are [...]

New Ways with Backgrounds – Tent Stitch

One of the more frustrating aspects of doing needlepoint is coming face-to-face with a large undefined background which needs to be filled. The traditional way to solve this problem is to fill it with tent stitch. And what’s the result? A lovely piece which you may end up abandoning because the background bores you. Now [...]

Using a Stitch Dictionary

Originally posted 2003-04-21 07:24:31. Republished by Blog Post Promoter A book like The Needlepoint Book can be one of your handiest tools when you are stitching. While this book is like a college degree in needlepoint between covers, most people (even experienced stitchers) turn to it because of the wealth of information about stitches included [...]

How Much Thread Do I Need to Buy?

Caron Collection new threads from January 2010

That’s a very common question. Back in the old days when we mostly stitched with Persian Wool in Tent Stitch, most shops could estimate how much thread was needed just by using a thumb. Today with so many different threads and with so many stitches, there isn’t a very good rule of thumb for estimating [...]

April 2014 New Needlepoint Products

sulky cotton petites in needlepoint

With a big trade show (TNNA) early next month, companies are already showing off great new products. There’s sure to be lots more. Even so, these exciting new releases have me asking some to hide my credit cards. Painted & Charted Canvas Labors of Love has some great new designs. I’m particularly fond of a [...]