Companion Stitches in Needlepoint

canvas from Art Needlepoint, photo copyright Napa Needlepoint

When you use companion stitches in needlepoint you have an easy way to coordinate your stitches and create depth and dimension in your stitching. What Is a Companion Stitch? Companion Stitches, a name coined by June McKnight, are stitches that are similar in shape and construction but differ in size. Put together in order by [...]

Needlepoint Stitch Families

canvas copyright Amanda Lawford, photo copyright Napa Needlepoint

Today we are going to look at stitch families, the most common way to classify needlepoint stitches. First we’ll talk about why stitch families are important. Next we’ll define the most common families. Finally we’ll classify the stitches from yesterday’s post into families. The Importance of Stitch Families The chances are good that you had [...]

Learn 25 Byzantine Stitches in this Cyberclass

This class begins Friday, don’t miss out on this wonderful class that explores a great stitch. Register using the button below. Although their zig-zag pattern is a strong one, Byzantine Stitches, and their close variation Jacquard, are very useful and delightful stitches. They are also the next class in my popular 25 Stitches Cyberclass series, [...]