Double Smyrna Blocks in Log Cabin Needlepoint Sampler

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The third log in the major color for our sampler uses a variation of Smyrna Cross, but groups them into blocks that create a bold, highly textured grid. Stitch the log in Double Smyrna Cross, below, using the third lightest color thread in your major color. Smyrna Cross uses a block that is 2 threads […]

Diagonal Mosaic Variation in Log Cabin Sampler

copyright Napa Needlepoint

The second log in the major color uses a nice variation of Diagonal Mosaic that is an easy stitch for anyone to learn. Diagonal Mosaic is often one of the first textured stitches new needlepointers learn. That’s because it is stitched in diagonal rows alternating the Tent Stitch you learned with an extended Tent Stitch […]

DIY Needlepoint Stitch Guide Class Open for Registration

charley harper convivial pursuit cheetah

How often does this describe you? You found what you think is the perfect canvas. You love the design, you even know the perfect use for it. You buy it in spite of the huge pile of canvases in your stash. Maybe you even get it on stretcher bars. Then it languishes near your stitchy […]

Simple Laidwork in Log Cabin Sampler

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This week we begin the patches stitched in the major color for our sampler. For me, this is the pink logs. Once again we stitch from light for the shortest logs to dark. The lightest log is next to the metallic square that is in the corner. Laidwork is explained very simply. It is stitches […]

Pixelated Pictures for Needlepoint

pixelated alphabet

Originally posted 2012-12-12 06:52:51. Republished by Blog Post PromoterLately I’ve been seeing the topic of pixelated pictures come up in so many different areas. First there was the movie Wreck-it Ralph, which celebrates the pixelated look of old-style video games. Then I found this delightful set of pixelated letters on Pinterest, pictured below. That all […]