Two Bargello Needlepoint Free Patterns

copyright Napa Needlepoint

One traditional pattern and one traditional with a twist make up this week’s Bargello Bells. Both are fill patterns in that shapes are created and then filled with additional Bargello. Chain Mail This is a traditional pattern. It’s called this because the hexagonal shapes look a little like chain mail armor. To make this bell […]

Offset Needlepoint Bargello Free Pattern

copyright Napa Needlepoint

This week’s Bargello Bell Pattern is based on a charming quilt design with a simple Bargello needlepoint pattern. Most Bargello has patterns that repeat. That’s what makes Bargello such a wonderful technique that fits in with absolutely any kind of decor. They repeat in two ways. First off the sequence of colors repeats throughout the […]

Free Patterns of Needlepoint Quilt Block Coasters

copyright Althea de Brule

Over on, Althea is giving us a delightful series of charts to make coasters based on great quilt blocks. The strong graphic designs would look great in bold colors to match your decor. 16-20 are planned. The first two series are out now. Series 1 includes: T Square, Ohio Star, Churn Dash, and Shoofly. […]