Which Kind of Indian? – Friday Fiber Fun

copyright TEW Designs

I love these ornaments from eBay seller TEW Designs. She does a fantastic job of rendering fabric designs and all kinds of historic ornament in stitch-painted rounds and eggs. I wanted to introduce you to her because so often we overlook historic textiles and designs as sources for needlepoint. We also often don’t think about […]

Shifty Needlepoint – Friday Fiber Fun

copyright Barbara Bergsten Designs

I love the little shift canvases from Barbara Bergsten. They are small, stitch-painted and only use a few colors. They could become quite addictive once you’ve stitched one. This week’s canvas is the shift pictured above. I’m currently stitching a bunch of shifts on a larger “Oh Shift!” canvas so they are on my mind. […]

Friday Fun Starts Today

copyright Edie Harper

I got this fantastic idea from Ruth Schmuff’s blog, she calls it Friday Games. Each person at the shop takes a canvas and pulls threads for it. No stitches, no fuss, just threads and bling. She posts the pictures to Instagram and if you are the first person to send her a message after the […]

Finish those Needlepoint UFO’s and Win

only the background needs stitched on this one. Copyright Painted Pony Designs.

I’ve been working on some UFO’s lately and I’ve been so happy at what I’ve finished. That’s why I’m having two contests for 2015. I want to encourage you to stitch your projects and then to finish what you’ve stitched. For each of the contests you need to either finish stitching, or finish a minimum […]

Stitching Games 2015

Painted Pony angel canvas, photo copyright Napa Needlepoint

This is the third year for Stitching Games, a fun stitching project that’s run on Stitcherie, a social network for stitchers. It’s tons of fun. The basic idea is simple, you stitch a project, painted canvas or your own design through the year. Each month you are given a clue and you need to stitch […]