Learn More about the Slow Stitch Movement

from Slow Stitching Movement

Things have been happening over at the Slow Stitch Movement, making it easier for you to learn about it and get involved. First a webinar about the movement, given by founder Mike Lipinski, is now available for download on demand. On the revised homepage for the movement, he reflects on the struggle between excellence and […]

Join Me in this Exciting Group Needlepoint Project

benediction needlepoint

The picture doesn’t even come close to doing justice to this amazing piece, Benediction by Dianne Bersea. The colors are vibrant and that amazing sky creates such a wonderful focal point for your stitching. It begins this fall with a full course on using a variety of types of fibers, textured stitches for great effect, […]

Join the Needlepoint Stitching Games

My canvas for stitching games 013. (copyright Painted Pony Designs)

Over at Stitcherie is a clever idea for a year-long project/challenge. It’s called Stitching Games 2013. Joining is simple: Pick a canvas with at least 10 areas for techniques. It must be unstitched but it can be painted or line-drawn. It can also be your own work. You must be able to post pictures of […]

Learning Needlepoint at a Seminar or Retreat

Originally posted 2010-03-14 07:30:13. Republished by Blog Post PromoterMost of the time we stitch by ourselves or in small groups. But nothing is as much fun as attending a seminar or stitching retreat with lots of other stitchers. Not only do you have the fun of learning and stitching, you get inspired by the exhibits […]

Want to Learn (or Learn More) about Needlepoint? Try CyberPointers

gloriana lorikeet wool thread

Originally posted 2010-02-19 07:00:15. Republished by Blog Post Promoter I am almost as much a needlepoint technique junkie as I am a thread junkie. So this year’s President’s Challenge for CyberPointers is right up my alley. Each moth a different technique is going to be highlighted. The different techniques have all kinds of support existing […]