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Anne wrote to me over the weekend looking for a canvas. She is “looking for a canvas which has an African American woman stirring a pit of gumbo with the word Gumbo written on the canvas. It was a mini stocking. Looking for the canvas or the artist. Hope you can guide me in the [...]

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Beth saw this finished needlepoint in a consignment shop. She didn’t buy it then and there. When she went back, it was gone. She really loves the piece and would like to find another one. If you know anything about it, please add something to the comments. I’ll pass them along.

Can You Help this Stitcher?

needlepoint name canvas

Jane’s mother stitched name canvases for her grandsons. The one pictured above is the one she made for Jane’s son Nick. His grandmother is still needlepointing (at 91!) and now that Nick is expecting a son of his own, his grandmother would like to make a similar name canvas for her great-grandson. The problem is [...]