Needlepoint Can Improve your “Golden Years”

photo of Carole King stitching the needlepoint that was on the Tapestry album cover, copyright unknown from

Now we all know that stress causes many health problems, not the least are those bald spots by tearing your hair out today, Tax Day in the US. But did you know that a newly published study shows that needlepoint or other crafty and artistic activities can help prevent memory problems as we age? A […]

Fashionable Needlepoint Eye Candy

fashion from Doce & Gabbana, photo source unknown

Since you might be mired in snow, today is a great day to look at how needlepoint can be used to make really fashionable items. Back in the 70’s all kinds of needlepoint wearables were made (check out Erica Wilson’s Bargello boots). There was even a book on Wash & Wear Needlepoint (think interlock canvas […]

Doing Good by Doing Needlepoint – Good Threads

copyright Good Threads LLC

Have you ever thought that by buying a needlepoint belt, you’d help both women and children in a poverty-stricken barrio in the Dominican Republic? When you buy a belt from Good Threads LLC you do just that. Their custom and ready-made belts benefit people, mostly Haitian refugees, in Esperanza. Currently they employ about 40 women […]

Doing Good through our Stitching

Do you know someone helping others through stitching? Maybe they mentor kids in an after school program, perhaps they teach needlepoint to low-income seniors, or they have collected stash for people who have suffered from a disaster. Throughout 2015, this blog will feature profiles of people, companies, and programs who are doing good through needlewqork, […]

Needlepoint – The Craft Trend of 2015?

logo copyright TNNA

In an article on Yahoo earlier this week, needlepoint is cited as being the crafting trend for next year. For a change for articles of this kind, it actually cites some trends and evidence of growth in our art. But I love the last paragraph best: For those interested in taking up the hobby, enthusiasts […]